Services and Products

Specialist Services

Earthing Services

• Provide Design and As Built Drawings

• Soil Resistivity Surveys

• Modelling and Design

• Earthing and Lightning Protection Installation

• Copper Brazing

• Exothermic Welding

• Cable and Tape Installation

• Contact Resistance Testing - all joints recorded

• Earth Fall of Potential Testing - up to 2000m.

Cabling Services

• Provide Design and As Built Drawings

• Cable Containment

• Cable Installation – up to 66kV

• Fibre Jointing

• HV and LV Jointing

• HV and LV Cable Fault Finding

• Cable Sheath Fault Finding

• Cable Spiking - explosive and nonexplosive


Cable Testing

• AC and DC Withstand Testing – Very Low Frequency (VLF)

• Insulation Resistance (IR)

• Polarisation Index (PI)

• Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR)

• Partial Discharge (PD), and Tan (TD) - diagnostics and analysing for cables up to 52Kv

• Online and Offline (PD) Mapping and Monitoring

• Buried Cable Location and Mapping

• Up to 52kV Cable Fault Pinpointing

• Sheath Fault Location


Substation Commission and Maintenance

• Provide Design and As Built Drawings

• Protection Study

• Setting and programming schemes

• G59, Witness and Annual Maintenance

• Protection Relay Testing

• Distance

• Differential

• Current

• Earth Fault

• Frequency

• Voltage

• G59/2-3 requirements

• Battery Impedance and Discharge Testing

• Contact Resistance

• Gap Testing

• AC Power Frequency Withstand Testing

• DC Withstand and IR Testing

• Current Transformer (CT) and Voltage Transformer (VT)

• Primary Injection Testing

• CT and VT Analysing and Calibrating

• Circuit Breaker Timing and Analysing

• Full Installation, Rewire and Retrofitting


Transformer Commission and Maintenance

• Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA)

• Transformer Turns Ratio (TTR)

• Transformer Winding Resistance

• Power Factor/Tan

• AC Power Frequency Withstand

• DC Withstand and Insulation Resistance (IR)

• Dielectric Absorption Ratio

• Short Circuit Impedance Load Loss Measurements

• No Load Losses and Current

• Magnetising Current

• Pressure Release Valves (PRV)

• Oil Thermal Indicators (TI)

• Winding Thermal Indicators (TI)

• On-load and Off-load Tap Changer Function and Analysis

• Cooling Function Test - oil pumps, fans etc.

• On site oil breakdown voltage, dissolvable gas analysis and water content.

• Design and Retrofit oil bunds for transformers

• Full onsite Transformer Paint Respray Maintenance and Monitoring Systems

• Online, non-intrusive Partial Discharge Surveys in MV/HV Systems

• Online, Non-intrusive Partial Discharge Mapping in MV/HV Systems

• Offline Partial Discharge Mapping in MV/HV Systems

• Transient Earth Voltage Survey Trend Analysis

• Battery Impedance and Discharge testing

• Power Quality Analysis

• Firm Frequency Response

• Thermography Survey Analysis Report

• Drone Thermography

• Draw Oil Samples - In accordance to BS EN 60475:2011 for onsite or offsite analysis

• Our HV Maintenance Package include Thermal Imaging (TI) and Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) - survey reports as standard


 Certified SF6 Handling and Installation

• Gas Testing Analysis

• SF6 Leak Inspection

• SF6 Recovery, top Ups and Refills

• Fault Investigations

• Decontamination and Restoration Works

• SF6 Installation, Servicing and Maintenance

• Recovery, Repair or Decommission on Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) filled

High Voltage Electrical Switchgear in Accordance with EU Regulations

NO:517/2014 and the Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2015


Mobile Oil Testing and Analysis

• Water Content and Dissolvable Gas Analysis

• Oil Voltage withstand Testing


Smart Electrical Systems Mobile Oil Testing Lab


Smart Electrical Systems - van with transformer


Smart Electrical Systems - Training Facilities



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